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External and Internal Finishes


Our modular buildings can accommodate a wide range of external finishes either to match an existing facility, or provide a unique architectural solution. We have a choice of options for:

  • External wall finishes
  • Roofing systems
  • Door systems
  • Glazing

At High Craggs School in Bradford we used a combination of Yorkshire stone and eternity equitone fibre façade for the external walls to help the building blend into the traditional 19th century stone schoolhouse.  At Kidbrook Village we used a brick and timber cladding to create a much more modern effect ensuring the building fitted in seamlessly with the existing buildings. 

External wall finishes Most types of external claddings can be applied to our Modular buildings, either in the factory or on site.  All of our buildings are available in a wide choice of external claddings and colours including;

  • Brick Slip
  • Coated Steel
  • Natural Timber
  • Rain Screen Cladding
  • Rendered Panel
  • Stone Aggregate
  • Traditional Brick
  • Weatherboard

Roofing systems Any type and style of roof can be installed onto our buildings. We can provide various roofing systems all of which can be either installed in the factory or on site, depending on the design and style. Our ‘flat’ roof generally comprises a dual or mono pitch of approx. 3 degrees, covered in a single layer rubberised roof blanket. Pitched roofs of any design can be erected on site. These can be covered with either a lightweight metal tiling system or concrete roofing tiles. Some smaller pitched roofs can be applied in the factory. A composite roof panel system fitted either in the factory or on site, dependent on the roof pitch is also available. Pitched roof options:

  • Clay tiles
  • Concrete Tile
  • Profile Protection Sheet
  • Slate
  • Solar

External door systems External door systems for all our modular buildings and prefabricated buildings are available in all sizes and styles to meet your requirements. Available in self coloured uPVC, natural timber and powder coated aluminium. External security facilities for doors can be provided to meet your specifications and requirements.

  • Aluminium powder coated double glazed
  • Fire rated units
  • Roller shutters for external or internal security to both doors and windows
  • Soft/hardwood
  • Steel/aluminium faced units
  • uPVC double glazed

Glazing Any type of glazing can be included as part of our design service. Our prefabricated buildings will accommodate windows of any size, vent options, top or side hung to meet your specifications, and curtain walling is also available.

  • Aluminium powder coated, double glazed
  • Fire rated units
  • Soft/hardwood
  • uPVC double glazed

The type of glazing depends on the usage and specification:

  • Georgian Wired Polished Plate
  • Tinted Glazing
  • Toughened Or Laminated Glass
  • Standard Window Glass
  • Window Blinds