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Lewis Ashley Group are striving to be at the forefront of portable and modular building technology, we are currently working on several projects which include PassivHaus technology as well as more bespoke solutions including Floating Structures, Conference Centres & Gantry Support.

Passivhaus technology reduces the requirement for space heating and cooling. This also creates excellent indoor air quality. We can provide portable, modular and mobile buildings with Passivhaus technology, which results in an ultra-low energy building that requires hardly any heating or cooling.

This technology works well if the portable building is in constant use, especially over the winter periods; resulting in dramatically reduced energy costs.

Benefits of a passive modular building

  • Fresh, clean air. Air change rate of no more than 0.6 air changes p/hour @ 50 Pa
  • High resistance to heat flow (high R-value insulation), there are no “outside walls” which are colder than other walls.
  • Constant and consistent interior room temperature.
  • Slow temperature changes: with ventilation and heating systems switched off, a passive house typically loses less than 0.5 °C (1 °F) per day (in winter), stabilizing at around 15 °C (59 °F), however depending on climate.
  • Quick return to normal temperature: opening windows or doors for a short time has only a limited effect; after apertures are closed, the air very quickly returns to the “normal” temperature.
  • Space heating and cooling demand of less than 15 kWh/m2 year
  • Total primary energy demand of 120kWh/m2/year

Types of projects that would benefit from PassivHaus modular building technology:

Get a fully fitted portable cabin or modular building with no capital outlay.

Units can be purchased outright or leased meaning that you can get the extra space you need without a large initial outlay. Additionally full service contracts are available so there is no repair, maintenance or upkeep for you to do. Please get in touch to discuss a range of options and a member of the team will help you to create a bespoke solution.