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Evelated Support Structures


Where space is limited the only way is up. Modular building construction suit medium/high rise residential buildings, where open plan space is needed at ground floor level for basement car parking. Usually steel framed podiums are used to support the modules, or sometimes a transfer structure in which the beams align with load bearing walls of the modules.

Modular buildings can be designed with a gantry support structure at a podium or platform level. Supporting columns are positioned under the modular building to support the combined load (maximum 4 to 6 storeys)

These types of design make the most of limited space enabling additional space under the building which can be utilised for other activities.

All the usual service interfaces can be installed into the modular building, electrics, plumbing and heating.

4 sided modular buildings are designed to be supported by steel or composite beams, with the typical line load per supported floor of 15kN/m. Columns are placed at 6 to 8m spacing. A column spacing of 7.2m is suitable for below ground car parking. 

Commercial and car parking applications require podium depth of 0.8-1 metre and spans of 10 to 18m can be created below the podium, which are suitable for commercial applications and car parking.

Using elevated modular buildings for construction can reduce build and construction impact. Crane lifting the modules in place is quicker and takes less man hours.

Key Applications:  
  • Car Park
  • Welfare Facilities on space restricted sites.
  • Retail Space
  • Accommodation Block with ground floor circulation space
  • Bridging Roads & Rivers

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