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Floating Buildings


Where the sea meets the shore, modular floating structures provide a cost effective method of linking water activity to the land.

Floating modular buildings have a flotation system at its base, automatically adjusting to changes in the water level.

Floating modular buildings have environmental benefits as they minimise the disturbance of a seabed and do not cause silt deposition in deep harbours. Our floating buildings are towed into location with also means less disturbance to the build site.

Our floating modular buildings can be relocated elsewhere is a building is decommissioned.

We create a pontoon-type VLFS platform that rest on the water surface and the modular building sits on top of the platform. Our floating structures can be from small maintenance jobs to large scale civil construction projects.

Types of projects that would benefit from floating modular building technology:

Key Applications:
  • Yacht Clubs
  • Marina Offices & Facilities
  • Yacht Docking Locations
  • Corporate Entertainment
  • Living Accommodation
  • Marketing Offices

Pontoons have been designed for rapid deployment with a quick installation system utilising pre-assembled sections to form a versatile lightweight modular design. 

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