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Portable Accommodation Hire

Here at Lewis Ashley Group we can provide with any type of portable, modular and mobile accomodation.

Emergency Accommodation

Emergency accomodation

Portable/Modular construction provides a rapid solution for emergency situations where additional or replacement buildings are required. We can offer both hire or new build solutions and can provide pre-configured modules from our extensive stock of modules to improve programme.

Our Portable & Modular buildings can be used for a variety of Emergency Accommodation purposes including:

Lewis Ashley offers portable accommodation hire and facilities suitable for any size of workforce and construction project, whether you require a multi storey office complex complete with open plan offices, a portable cabin or a single chemical toilet for a lone worker. You have complete control and flexibility to meet your precise requirements.

Lewis Ashley offers an extensive range of portable accommodation buildings, including cabins that can be double or triple stacked, and modular buildings that can be installed to up to four storeys, allowing the convenience of working in tight spaces.

We also provide replacement or temporary mobile accommodation when required for many different emergencies such as flood or fire damage.

Residential Accommodation

Residential accommodation

Your portable accommodation hire can be configured to suit the demands of its residents, whether you need to house hundreds of students in dormitories during construction work, or a small number of elderly residents in fully equipped en-suite rooms during care home refurbishment. You can hire modular accommodation with up to 10,000m2 of floor space, fully fitted out with climate-control and heating systems, security alarms, carpets and all the furniture you need to create high-quality living spaces. As well as providing stand-alone residential buildings, we can also build extensions to your existing facilities.

When you choose portable accommodation from Lewis Ashley, you can rest assured that quality is taken care of. We are an approved supplier to retail company Next and are accredited by the Government Procurement Service (GPS), meaning our buildings and services have been independently scrutinised for quality, reliability and value for money.

Our Portable Marketing Suites are quality environments to generate business.

Our Portable Living Accommodation Units are designed to Client Requirements.

  • Fully Fitted Out
  • Climate-Controlled
  • Full Heating Systems
  • Security Alarms
  • Carpets & Furniture