Construction, Civils and Rail

Your site office is just as important as the site itself – it’s a place for your team to plan, meet, work and relax. While this would be a temporary structure for the duration of the project and where you have limited space to set up – you need a solution that maximises that space and efficiency in the workplace.

By working with you and using our expertise, we can create a solution which means you use more of the building by determining a suitable layout. Our experience working with construction and civils firms of all sizes means that we can advise on suitable solutions which will positively impact your work.

Our solutions can include:

  • Secure storage units
  • Data-ready facilities
  • Steps, staircases and links
  • Furniture
  • Corporate branding
  • Complete effluent tank installation and emptying service for sites with no mains sewer connection

We will deliver straight to your site with the build taking place off site – minimising disruption to you.

We’ve already completed modular buildings for a host of companies, including:

Specific to your needs

We can create a range of solutions specific to your requirements. For inspiration, specific portable buildings can include:

Canteens and Mess Rooms

High quality rooms like this improve productivity and, when designed correctly, help improve morale and team building.
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Changing and Drying Rooms

It's important for your team to have clean and well-ventilated areas while keeping working conditions at the highest standard.
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Lewis Ashley Group | Sleeping Accommodation

Temporary Site Offices

If you're working on a project for a significant period of time, you need to make sure they are comfortable and secure.
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Cleanliness and size are key factors that we take into consideration when it comes to your washrooms.
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