Why Lewis Ashley?

We’ve build a reputation for providing buildings that are faster to build, greener and more cost-effective for your business.

Choosing a modular building means less hassle, smaller spend, quicker turnaround and less local disruption, all whilst being more environmentally friendly.

Our colleagues have a shared passion dedicated to ensure your project runs smoothly from planning right through to its completion and beyond.

From your drawings being signed off and subsequent receipt of order, each project commences with a prestart meeting with all parties concerned.

Comprehensive risk assessments are undertaken, potential hazards identified, access to the site planned, along with temporary parking, and working times are agreed to suit the client.

We provide a full schedule of works showing exactly what will take place and when to ensure deadlines will be met. All certification and insurances are arranged before crane or construction plant is used and experienced operatives are fully trained to work safely and efficiently.

Thanks to the nature of our work, the possibilities are relatively limitless. We have plenty of finishings and customisable options to make it how you want it. That includes furnishings – just let us know what you are looking for and we’ll give you a quote.

Reasons to choose Lewis Ashley

Modern Design

The design and finish options for modular building are limitless, both internally and externally. An abundance of fixture and fitting choices means your modular building can be a contemporary space, fit seamlessly with existing surroundings or anything in between.


It is widely accepted that modular construction is a more ecologically sound means of constructing new buildings. We also offer a wide range of refurbished options from exclusive, high spec, superior quality modular buildings, to something for the more budget conscious.

Energy Efficiency

Modular buildings are no longer, cold, damp wooden boxes, innovations in building methods, technological advances and new materials mean that modern pre-fabricated buildings are comfortable, stylish and efficient.

Turnkey Service

Your modular building company can provide a highly planned, stress free and co-ordinated process from initial design to handover of keys. Many offer a full turnkey package including a complete groundworks solution, landscaping, foundations and connection to existing services.

Reduced Disturbance

With the majority of the actual building work taking place off site, the various trades are able to have unmitigated access to the building during construction.
This greatly reduces the impact on the local traffic and community in the proximity of the site.

Less Lost Weather Days

Each modular unit is built in our purpose-built factory rather than being at the mercy of the elements whilst the installation of modular buildings is quick and
efficient leading to less disruption from bad weather on site.


A controlled building environment reduces risk of accidents and allows for tighter quality controls leading to a safer construction process that produces fewer defects.

Waste Reduction

Exact factory processes during the build phase allow for greater material waste segregation thus reducing costs and reducing environmental impact.


A vast variety of design options allow modular buildings to be adapted to blend in or complement the existing aesthetics. The volumetric nature of the buildings also allows for re-location, adaption and re-use whilst being infinitely expandable.

Reduced Costs

A combination of increased design efficiency, the use of carefully selected materials in a regulated environment and reduced labour costs with no need for the production team to travel makes modular building considerably more cost effective.

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